Tall, curly, and always ready for a good time, he was born in Oshawa, but arrived in Guelph while he was still in diapers. The son of a volleyball hall-of-famer, he went that route for awhile, but before long stumbled upon the world of music, and was smitten. Learning several different instruments at a young age, he went on to play in different bands, and landed in the popular Guelph-based band, Lifestory Monologue. Entering the culinary world as a dishwasher, he sort of tripped and fell into the role of a cook, and in that fall has since found his calling. He can now be found in the kitchen, singing and drumming on various kitchen utensils. Oh, and cooking. He is our newest adoption to the family, but already feels like the older brother. His musical prowess may only be outdone by his skill in the kitchen, which bodes well for the fact that he is now fully responsible for your food. If you ask, he will gladly teach you how to properly hold a knife. Ladies and Gentlemen: Zac ten West


Lover of all things hockey, well...sports in general, Taylor, Tmax, Tay or Lomax was born and raised in Guelph. She attended Guelph CVI and then moved on to venture west to the Banff Hockey Academy to further discover her love and dream of one day being in the sports management field. She comes off a bit shy, but don’t let that fool you, as she is capable of a bad ass body check and has the ability and skill set to swoop by you with lightening speed. This single beauty has not found love as of yet, but keeps herself busy spending time with and adoring her 2 dogs Alfalfa & Harley, 3 cats Weasley, Pearl & Bentley and her sister Avery. She is obsessed with everything Harry Potter but stays far away from horror movies. Ladies and Gentleman, put your hands together for Taylor.


Talia is so sweet, she’s a natural at filling the sugar bowls and keeping things organized at the cafe. When not working at the Joint, Talia loves to dine here. Her fav dishes include Greek Salad, Mac &Cheese & Banana Cream Pie. A student at Centennial CVI, Tal never lets school interfere with her love of travel, fitness and cooking. Talia has dog-sledded in Inuvik,, hiked in Algonquin Park and skiied in Colorado. Back in Guelph, Tal loves to stay fit at YMCA aquafit or Zumba classes. At home, you’ll find Tal Facebook chatting with friends or whipping up salads with tons of tomatoes. Amazingly, Talia usually chooses fresh, ripe tomatoes over dessert. Go figure. Ladies & Gents Ms Talia K!


We have royalty at our house! Kiana, Kiki, or Maus is a Bavarian Baroness with royal bloodlines originating in Estonia. Born in Germany but transplanted to Canada when she was 3, Kiki was dancing far before she ever just walked. Following her passion of the arts, she studied at a performing arts school in Kitchener & continues to fine tune her studies by dabbling in neuroscience, biology, astrology & sociology. Player of the ukelele & violin, this lady has a broad knowledge of many subjects. Travelling to Ecuador was one of her travel highlights, but her itchy feet also took her to Austria to visit her grandfather. We don’t think much will keep this girl down, she says she wants to impact the world, make change and learn from as many people and places as possible. Please welcome, our in house adventurer Kiana Von Maydell


You best be careful folks and avoid giving this man a glimpse of your palm - he dabbles in palmistry at times and likes to anticipate the future of his guests and others around him. A guelph native and a lover of everything Puddle and Pearl (his cats), this red haired super hero is the leader of The Joint pack. He moves like the wind and charms us all with his wit and extreme changes in demeanour - he is an actor you see and loves to practice his craft on those around him. Ladies & gentleman please put your hands together for Jeremy!


Her name is spelled so ambiguously that even she pronounces it differently from time to time. She was born in Oakville but we think that ‘Oakville’ may actually just be the name of a delicious bakery, and she has in fact been rolling bagel dough since birth. This we do know for a fact: she graduated the George Brown baking and pastry program with honours (our taste buds believe that). She travelled to Alberta for her cousins wedding and came back to Ontario 5 years later with a baby boy named Lincoln - although that sounds like she abducted him, she actually did give birth to him. She can be most easily found with her head down, focused on her pastries at 6am. The rest of us can be found fast asleep. She’s the one you can thank for your delicious breakfast pastry, or delectable dessert. Potentially as sweet as her own goodies, Ladies and Gentlemen, she is Megin Weeks.