Show: Gregory Denton and Geoff Jackson Feb. 6th | 8pm-10pm | No Cover

greggeoffGeoff Jackson is a local teacher, entertainer and musician.  Along with Eric Beaver on bass guitar, Geoff Jackson presents live music that you can sing and dance along to. On the first Saturday night of each month, come see Geoff Jackson and other artists at the Joint Cafe for tunes, food and drink. This week he’ll be joined by Greg Denton. 

Greg Denton has fronted a number of musical acts in Guelph over the years including Dry Tickle; two murder ballad only bands, The Trembling Brides and The Gnashvillains; The Scare Quotes; and The Greg Denton Probable Cause Acoustic Trio. He has also been of member of The Crying Out Loud Choir, Richard Laviolette & The Oil Spills, The Flying Pants, and along with Mo’ Kauffey and Jason Sheffield, hosts the feted song-circle act “You’re Invited To a Three-Way”. He also hosts the very popular “Cornerstone Campfire Sessions” and teaches banjo at Folkway Music.


Come and join them for their first show on February 6th, 2016

8pm-10pm | No cover


Artist: Terry Golletz until February 14th

The VisitorTerry was born in Kitchener, Ontario, and raised in Preston (now Cambridge).  In the early 70’s, he completed two years at the University of Waterloo majoring in the study of Eastern Religions. In 1981 he graduated from The Ontario College of Art and finished his B.A. at the University Of Guelph with a Fine Arts major.

For the next six years Terry worked full time as a fine artist with shows around Southern Ontario and into the U.S.  In 1987-1989, Terry was employed as the Museum Designer and Preparator at the Wellington County Museum.  From 1989 to 2001, TerWhateverry became a high school teacher, finishing his B.Ed. and teaching Communications Technology and Art.  He retired from teaching in 2001 to pursue his love of art and music. He is currently living in Elora Ontario.

Terry refers to his work as a Surrealist marriage of Abstraction and Organic Form.  Each painting has its own evolution where the concern is in creating a unified composition of colour and form,  which allows maximum participation of the viewer in the art work. Since the form does not represent an image that the viewer can immediately recognize and label, they are allowed to look inward to themselves to create with their own imaginations whatever their current mood moves them to create.  The process of creating the work itself, which takes many hours of concentrated effort, is to Terry a meditative discipline.

Terry’s work will be on display at the cafe until February 14th.

We’re Hiring: Full-time Line Cook

logoStart Date: ASAP

The Joint Café is a café located downtown Guelph that values community and local, delicious foods. We are currently looking for a full-time Line Cook to join our team.

The ideal candidate has a strong experience in a scratch cooking restaurant.

Being a line cook at the Joint Café means working on the weekends, this is a point that it non-negotiable as we are busiest on the weekend.

The role will involve:

  • Versatility in the kitchen, able to sub into the hot line during the week
  • Baking experience a big plus
  • Supporting the kitchen supervisor and kitchen manager to provide local, creative menu options

Person Specific:  

  • At least 2-3 years working in the scratch cooking restaurant
  • Ability to work independently and within a team
  • Driver’s License and access to a vehicle is ideal
  • Self-motivated
  • Positive, friendly demeanor
  • Creative sensitivity is a plus

Please apply for the position ASAP to

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Artist: Korey Steckle until January 10th, 2016

DA0188Shayam Korey Steckle is primarily a contemporary abstract and landscape painter who works with acrylics. He also works in cut out and collage, watercolor and graphic design.  Korey is predominantly a self-taught artist and has recently taken classes at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Guelph School of Art, with the hope of honing and cultivating his craft. 

His introduction to the art world began with music. Korey draws inspiration for his art through the accompanying imagery and text regarding the set lists for his mixes going by the name DJ KOUP. These numerous mixes are now located worldwide and serve as an introduction to his artistic style and influence. His first art pieces were cut out and collage for his CD covers. This is a realm he chooses to remain in and continues to push the boundaries and limits of artistic expression.

Korey now also channels his artistic energies into graphic design.   Capturing moments of the sublime and serene and manipulating them into new and abstract works of art.  His keen eye for detail is influenced by his favorite photographers Sebastio Salgado as well as James Natcheway, William Eggleston and Don McCullin.

Korey was born in the slums of Dhaka, Bangladesh on the doorsteps of an orphanage.  Adopted at four months old by his Mennonite parents he has always felt that he views the world through two sets of distinctive eyes, one of South Asian ancestry and the other a western influenced mindset. Korey was raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, but has also lived in Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Nelson, Glace Bay and Kenora to name but a few Canadian locales and is currently residing in Guelph, Ontario.

His paintings are strongly influenced by nature, with a particular focus on the Atlantic Ocean and its many inhabitants. Korey’s art also has been influenced by the thousands of hours he has spent inside the Art Gallery of Ontario studying the vast and influential collections.  The artists, musicians, directors and writers   whose work has shaped and informed Korey over the years include Jack Kerouac, Ben Watt, Ewan Pearson, DJ Koze, Chris Coco, Rob Da Bank, DJ Pathaan, Bob Dylan, WIlliam S. Burroughs, Patti Smith, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Mapplethorpe, Terrence Malick, Jackson Pollock, Stanley Kubrick, Mike Mills, Spike Jones, Douglas Coupland, Jack Cardiff, Harmony Korine, Duncan Jones, Julien Schnabel, Edouard Manet, Francisco Goya, and most importantly Jean Michel Basquiat.

Hiring: Front of House Staff

1077603826141925342_199784770Start Date: ASAP

Hours:  Full-time (weekends required)

The Joint Café is a café located downtown Guelph that values community and local, delicious foods. We are currently looking for a full-time Front of House Staff member to join our team.

The ideal candidate has a strong background in restaurant service and ideally some experience serving and as a barista. This person is also community-minded and committed to engaging the restaurant in local events that complement the restaurant’s personality.

Being a Front of House Staff at the Joint Café means that we need you to work on weekends. This aspect of the role is non-negotiable as we need our staff on shift during our busiest periods! We’re looking for someone who is interested in staying with the café on a more long term basis.

The role will involve:

Person Specific:  

  • At least 1-2 years working in the restaurant service industry with serving experience required
  • Ability to work independently is a must
  • Positive, friendly demeanor
  • Creative sensitivity is a plus (lots of chalkboards to design, space organisation, poster-making, etc.)

Please apply for the position before ASAP to

[Holiday Parties] Book your event now!

It’s that special time of year again when people come together to celebrate.

We are booking up quickly for 2015 holiday parties.

We can accommodate 40 people for sit-down dinners and 60 people for cocktail-style receptions. We can help you prepare a great holiday party for your family, staff and friends.

If you’re interested in hosting your holiday event at the Joint Cafe, please e-mail us at Include information about the type of event you’re planning on hosting and the number of people you plan on hosting.